The Moroccan & North African Market

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The Moroccan pharmaceutical industry, embracing this principle of growth.

Morocco was among the first nations in Africa to develop a pharmaceutical industry over 60 years ago. Morocco is too often overlooked as a pharmaceutical nation however, thanks to decades of experience, the domestic pharmaceutical industry is strong, with a well-developed base of local producers that today manufacture products to high international standards.

As an industry, Morocco always looked towards the north for business expansion and never towards the south but times are changing fast as many multinationals look towards Morocco as a potential hub for distribution of drugs into Morocco, North & West Africa. As the market continues to develop into a more attractive investment destination for multinational drug makers it is becoming the perfect conduit for sub African penetration. The use of pharma-clusters to boost local production capabilities is an increasingly common trend across the emerging markets, yielding productivity gains and improving access to medicines on a national and regional scale.

Many companies have created partnerships in Africa to deliver treatments at affordable prices, creating the need to needed to increase production capacities in the region. With the stability that Morocco offers, and the fact that many companies are already represented here, plus its connection with Europe and Africa, Morocco is a privileged potential hub making Morocco the place to access both North and West Africa for manufacturers and suppliers in the global pharmaceutical sector. With Morocco’s regional stability and competitiveness, plus a liberal economy, coupled with a highly educated workforce, it’s current industrial base makes it the leading option as a business base optimum choice when considering either, Algeria Egypt and Tunisia. Morocco also enjoys an excellent reputation and the trust of African partners, providing your business with a plethora of opportunity to drive business within this region.

The challenges of entering African markets are numerous and taken individually, markets are generally small, with poor infrastructure and low access to medicine, Morocco bridges the gap perfectly for your business to establish itself in a stable environment with access to both North and West Africa opportunities. There is no doubt that the key to future success of your business entering or accessing these highly desirable areas of Africa can start by being a part of the NORPHEX event, giving you the chance to sell to an established growing market and to finding the right partners in which to take your business further into Africa.

This industry has a large potential for development thanks to the following advantages: